Couple Celebrates their 70th Anniversary with a Wedding Photoshoot

With no photos from their 1946 wedding, this couple recreated their big day with an amazing set of snaps

Our hearts melted as soon as we set eyes on these adorable wedding photos, and it was all the more touching when we learned the story behind them. 

Image | Instagram.com/laracarterphotography

Ferris and Margaret Romaire initially tied the knot back on November 24th 1946 with a simple ceremony, without a photographer –they were uncommon in those days, after all. 

Since they had no photographs to commemorate their big day, their granddaughter planned a photoshoot to celebrate their 70th anniversary, and these amazing photos, snapped by Lara Carter, are the result.

Image | Lara Carter Photography

Margaret, 89, donned a lovely lilac dress, while Ferris, 90, got dressed up in a dapper tuxedo. They posed like pros, sipping flutes of champagne and laughing and joking throughout the shoot. 

When quizzed on the secret to a long and happy marriage like theirs, Ferris quipped that the key is “giving each other space and respecting one another” as well as “admitting when you are wrong, except that Margaret is never wrong!” 

What a smooth talker! We can see why Margaret has held onto him for so long.


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