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How to drop hints about getting engaged

8 subtle ways to tell your boyfriend you want him to propose to you.

Are you ready to get engaged but don’t quite know how to let your boyfriend know you’re keen for him to pop the question? They key is to be subtle, you definitely don’t want to put pressure on him and risk sending him in a panic.


1. Tell him how you feel
Obviously, coming out with “can you propose please” is a little blunt, instead, tell him how much you love him, and how happy he makes you.

2. Talk about the future
You don’t have to talk about marriage for him to take the hint, instead talk about your future together. It can be anything from saying you’d love to go on a round-the-world trip when you’re both retired, or commenting on how cute your children would be.


3. Take to social media
Create a Pinterest wedding board and shares some pretty snaps on Instagram and Twitter. Chances are he will notice and take the hint!

4. Drop hints about the ring
Did a friend or even a celebrity recently get engaged? Make an off-hand comment about how stunning you think their ring is and what a good job the fiancé did.

5. The friend tactic
There’s nothing wrong with asking your friends for a little help, they could jokingly ask him when he’s going to propose, or simply hint that you’d love a ring on your finger.


6. Time it right
If you’re going to a friend’s wedding, it’s the perfect time to hint at how lovely it would be if you walked down the aisle, or it can be a fun comment like, “what would you do differently?” or “we’d totally get a magical wouldn’t we?”. Plus everyone feels lovey-dovey at a wedding.

7. Take matters into your own hands
You don’t have to wait for leap year to propose, there’s something very romantic about asking him to marry you – think Monica and Chandler in Friends. It might be worth putting a few feelers to his male friends first to check whether he would mind being proposed to, as some men might not like the idea too much.


8. Don’t pose an ultimatum
We wouldn’t recommend telling dropping an ultimatum, as it may make him feel pressurised. As tempting as it is to tell him you’d love to be engaged by the end of the year, give him space to do it when he wants to.