Real proposals: your special moments revealed

Bride-to-be Emily Williams was asked the special question in a muddy forest


My fiancé is not the best at surprises but he did well with this one… 


In August we decided we would take the leap and get married, after being together for nearly four years. We started looking around for a ring but it turned out that I was unbelievably fussy and couldn’t find anything, so we got in touch with a local specialist, who was able to make me exactly what I had in mind. 

At the end of October we planned to go for a walk in the Forest of Dean because I wanted to enjoy the autumn colours! While I was away with work the week beforehand, we had the call to say the ring was nearly ready. When I returned home we went to pick it up and it was perfect. I was over the moon.  Now all that was left was the proposal. The forest walk was planned for the next day, could that be the day?!

I guess it’s not your conventional way of doing things as I saw the engagement coming. But nothing could have prepared me for that moment!

We were travelling to the forest when my fiancé turned to me and asked if I we could go for a walk in a different spot to usual. When we arrived my mind was racing; is this about to happen? What if it’s not today, will I be disappointed? I put on my wellies and we began to walk up a muddy path through some gorgeous trees.


Suddenly he told me to look over to the right. I looked to see a wicker heart and a piece of paper on a tree. Immediately I began to fill up – this was it! We walked over to the tree and it was all happening. I read the message, turned around and he was down on one knee in the mud asking me the question. I was in shock, my face flooding with happy tears, and recall him asking for an answer. I guess I was so caught up in the moment that I forgot to say ‘yes’!

The next thing I knew, I had a ring on my finger, tears all over my face and he was carving our initials into the tree where it happened. To my surprise, my brother had been hiding in the trees taking photos of everything, along with his girlfriend and my fiancé’s sister, who had set everything up. I was then told we were going to Prezzo for a meal in the evening to top the day off, after doing the family rounds to break the news. 

Wow! I was amazed that he managed to pull everything off and kept the plan quiet. It has set a high bar for the future!


We are getting married on 25 October this year, the day after our five-year anniversary and the same Saturday that we got together back then.  It is going to be a rustic, shabby chic wedding with lots of DIY work to cut the budget down as I love to be creative and am tight with money! So far we have got brilliant bargains so it will be cheap but not tacky which is exactly what we wanted. We cannot wait!