The More Guests that Attend your Wedding the Less Likely you are to Split up

Want to ensure a long-lasting marriage? Add EVERYONE onto your guest list

Big weddings can be a bit of a palaver; from gathering all the RSVPs, to wondering how to create the perfect seating plan and sorting everyone’s meal choices, but there are more benefits to big weddings than just a super long gift list.


US research has shown than the more people in attendance at a wedding, the less likely a couple is to divorce in later life.

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The graph never lies

Couples that elope are 12.5 times more likely to go their separate ways than those who wed in front of 200 of more guests – we’re thinking it’s maybe because you need a big network of support around you as a couple. As much as it’s romantic to think it’s you and your partner against the world, it’s more realistic that a relationship will go the distance with the support of family and friends.

Maybe it’s also because couples eloping may well be marrying on a whim (Cheryl and Jean-Bernard, we are looking at you!) and be less committed to the idea in the long term.

A big guest list may also mean a big budget, but a large amount of money spent on your wedding doesn’t necessarily mean wedded bliss – the same survey revealed that those who spent over $20,000 were at a 46% likelihood of divorce – eek!

We guess it pays to spend wisely!


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