This Bride’s Husband Accidentally gave her Wedding Dress Away

We bet her husband was in the doghouse for quite some time after this mishap

As a bride-to-be, you probably have a plan for what you’ll do with your wedding dress once the big day is all done and dusted; maybe you’ll frame it, perhaps you’ll keep it in your wardrobe to gaze at adoringly sometimes, or you might be preserving for your own daughter one day.


One thing we can’t imagine you’re planning on doing just yet is giving it away. For one unfortunate bride, that is exactly what happened.

Natalie Gelbert was still paying off her wedding dress when her husband accidentally donated to their local charity shop. It was bagged up in the back of Natalie’s car ready to be professionally cleaned and her husband mistook it for a bag of donations, and off it went.

Natalie’s post online

Natalie sent out a plea on Facebook for the return of her dress, writing: “My husband accidentally gave my wedding dress to goodwill and it was sold last Saturday. It was a total mistake and we are actually still paying for it. I’m so so so upset and posting this in hopes whomever bought it might see this. I would really like to buy it back. I know to whoever bought it, it was a great deal and sold dirt cheap but to me it is priceless. Very sentimental and something that can’t be replaced. It was in a bag in my car ready to be cleaned and preserved, but he got it mixed up with the donation bags. Please share so maybe who got it will see this.”

The post went viral, with news stations sharing it, and Natalie was inundated with kind offers; some people even offered to buy the exact same dress for the women who purchased Natalie’s in exchange for the return of the original.

After thousands of people saw the post online and watched the story unfold on TV, Natalie’s dress was retuned to her, but the story doesn’t end there!

Since her brush with fame, Natalie has also received countless messages from men online, propositioning her – what were they thinking?!

She shot them all down with a sassy Facebook post, saying: “This is for all the men that keep popping up in my inbox. I have a question. Do yall have eyeballs? Ears maybe? I’m just wondering because as far as I thought, I lost my WEDDING dress. Not my “freakum” dress, not my “single” dress, and damn sure not my “I want to talk to you” dress. So from now on my husband will be filtering my inbox – so whatever you want to say to me, you can say to him too”


We guess all is well that ends well!!