This Couple Included Their Love of Jaffa Cakes in Their Wedding in the Most Amazing Way

It’s an age-old debate – is the Jaffa Cake a biscuit or a cake? For this couple, it was definitely a cake – they had a whole wedding cake made from the orangey treats!

Newlyweds Tristan and Maria Weedon, from Waltham Cross, bonded over their love of Jaffa Cakes on their first date, so it made sense to incorporate them into their wedding celebrations. 

The newlyweds with their Jaffa Cake wedding cake

The couple, who estimate they’ve devoured almost 4,000 Jaffa Cakes between them during the course of their relationship, were approached by McVitie’s after commenting on a Facebook post about how much they love the treats. The biscuit brand, who famously made Prince William’s groom’s cake at his 2011 wedding to Kate Middleton, offered to create a wedding cake for them and they were delighted.

Tristan and Maria’s wedding plans fell apart when their wedding venue went into administration, and in the chaos of trying to save their big day they completely overlooked their wedding cake. Contracts Manager Tristan explained: “Our original wedding plan fell apart when our venue went into administration, and we hadn’t even had time to sort a cake out. When McVitie’s approached us and offered to create our wedding cake, it was perfect timing – we’re over the moon that they helped save our day!”

Paul adding the finishing touches

It was Paul Courtney, McVitie’s Culinary Innovation Manager and the genius behind Prince William’s chocolate and Rich Tea biscuit wedding cake, who created the three-tiered zesty wonder. It featured a Jaffa-inspired sponge, covered by almost 1,000 Jaffa Cakes.

The Jaffa Cake wedding cake

It was the perfect finishing touch to their day, which took place at Pendley Manor in Tring. As nurse Maria revealed: “Jaffa Cakes have been involved in our relationship ever since Tristan bought them along to our first date and I couldn’t stop laughing! We still have mini competitions to see who can eat around them the closest – leaving just the orange bit – and always get McVitie’s Jaffa Poles for each other at Christmas. Being big fans of Jaffa Cakes we loved being able to incorporate something so fun and unique into our special day.”


Would you go for an alternative wedding cake? What would you opt for?