This Groom Stopped his Wedding Day Photo Shoot to Save a Drowning Child

What a heroic groom!

Your wedding day photos are there to help you reminisce about the most magical moments from your big day, but this couple got a bit more than they bargained for with their snaps.


Clayton and Brittany Cook were posing for their wedding photos in on a park bridge in Cambridge, Ontario, when the groom noticed a young boy was struggling in the nearby water, Canada’s CTV News reports.

The heroic groom immediately sprung into action, diving into water to save the boy, without sparing a second thought for his wedding day suit – or the snaps being taken at the time. 

Following the eventful photo session, photographer Darren Hatt shared two pictures of the heroic deed on his Facebook page, with lots of people commenting on how brave the groom had been.

“It was a commendable thing that he did and he sprung into action incredibly quick,” Hatt said. “Almost as soon as I realised what was going on, he had already saved the day.”

We can only imagine how proud his wife must be!


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