This is how Long the Best Man Spends Helping the Groom

The run up to your wedding is a busy time for the best man too, you know

A couple of weeks back we wrote an article on the crazy amount of time bridesmaids spend helping out the bride, and it seems the best man is equally busy.


According to menswear etailer Jacamo, the best man spends on average 38 hours preparing for the big day – equivalent to a full working week! 

Image | Samie Lee

Organising the stag go takes up to 18 hours of his time (planning pub golf is tricky, okay?!), attending suits fittings takes six hours (he needs to look his dapper best, after all), and preparing the best man’s speech totals up to five hours – it does need the be the perfect combination of witty and heartfelt, so we see why this takes a while…

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Three hours of the best man’s time are spent providing words of wisdom and reassurance to the groom (“Of course you won’t do a Ross Geller and say the wrong name at the alter!”) and two hours are spent on last minute organisational jobs – think making sure the ushers know what they’re doing, and checking everyone has their button hole on properly.

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It all tots up to rather a lot of time, don’t you think? However, despite the hours invested into the role, 89% of best men said they enjoyed playing such a big part in their pal’s nuptials, and 81% would do it all over again, given the chance. Awww!