Flower girl and page boy

Watch page boy dive bomb on bride’s wedding dress

That's one way to steal the bride's thunder as she walks down the aisle.

It’s one of the biggest conundrums facing engaged couples: should or shouldn’t they invite children to their wedding? Well, after you watch the below viral video, there’s one thing guaranteed – with children around, there’s never a dull moment!


Many people would argue that kids bring a little light-heartedness and stop the ceremony becoming too formal. However, we know it’s not always easy for children to stay quiet and sit still for more than a few minutes, and most of us are familiar with kids getting shushed, glared at or even carried out by their weary parents at wedding ceremonies, as the couple make their vows.

Flower girl and page boy

But when children are taking part in the ceremony itself, it become a whole different ball game – as we know they don’t care a jot for the romance and seriousness of the occasion. (Who could forget Will and Kate’s adorably grumpy little bridesmaid covering her ears with her hands and scowling as they took that iconic first kiss on Buckingham Palace balcony!)

And recently, one bride in Lucan, County Dublin got a little more comic relief than she’d bargained for when a bored page boy decided to make his own fun as she walked down the aisle.

As she took those important first steps with her father by her side, guests gazed at the bride in awe with cameras held high and many wiping away a tear. But little four-year-old Rhys was more interested in the expanse of white fabric trailing after her and spotted a golden opportunity.

When the bride was making her way towards her husband-to-be, he decided to dive bomb on the train of her wedding dress. And the whole event was captured on video, which quickly went viral with 28k views and counting.


It could have been a bit of a disaster, but luckily he gave out a roar before he pounced, meaning the bride at least got a fair warning. Ever the trooper, she laughed the whole thing off as a guest quickly lifted the cheeky lad away and the service resumed.

Speaking to The Irish Independent, Tanya’s sister Antonia said: “Tanya’s friend picked him up and she continued on to marry the love of her life. We had the most fantastic day ever.”

We have to say, we see the funny side too! At least it gave the couple a day to remember and a fun family anecdote that poor Rhys probably won’t live down even when he’s an adult!


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