What your friends go through when you announce your engagement

Of course we’re all technically happy for each other, but there are certain feelings we just can’t combat when it comes to reading a snippet of news on social media. If you’re about to change your all-important Facebook status to engaged, spare a thought for these guys as you do so…


Your friend with a new baby

Oh gawd, can we afford another wedding?

Finally an excuse to have a drink though. 

I hope they put ‘no children’ on the invites – could do with a night off. 

Not that I don’t LOVE being a mum of course. 

I remember that feeling of being engaged, we were so happy and carefree. And awake. 

We stayed up and partied all night long at our wedding. I reaaaally hope I make it past the first course for this one.


Your recently engaged friend

Hooray, someone else to chat weddings with. I was starting to get really annoyed that no one else cared. 

I hope she’s not going to have her wedding before me.

Does this count as stealing my thunder?

I wonder if he was waiting for us to get engaged before he did it. It’s a good job he did otherwise I would’ve been in a massive sulk.

I hope she doesn’t pick the same bridesmaids as me.

I hope people don’t compare our weddings. Or our rings. Man, people are annoying. 


Your single friend

Oh crap. 

Your newly married friend

Thank goodness, another wedding to plan!

It better not trump ours. 

Your ex

Pffft. I could’ve had her if I wanted her. 

Should I send her a long message to tell her I still love her?

Whatever. I’m happy for her.


Your uncle who really doesn’t understand Facebook that well

Fantastic news! I’ll get my suit ready.

I’ve asked them when they’re going to marry but they haven’t answered. I’ll ring my bro to find out.

No one seems to be answering any of my comments on Facebook. 

I’ve gone through all their pictures in the relationship history and liked them all to show that I care. 


Lovely news. I wonder how many people I’ll be able to bring along…