Will online dating work for me and turn into marriage?

We asked You & Your Wedding's Facebook brides to share their online dating stories, and this is what they revealed...

First comes the online dating profile, then comes marriage. We spoke to our lovely brides-to-be about how they met their future husbands, and it seems Plenty of Fish is fast becoming the most popular way to secure love. Read what our real brides have to say and add your own comment below.


Lisa Manson: I met mine online almost 4 years ago. We’re getting married on the 6th anniversary of our first date. Never thought online dating would work but it did.

Hayley Severn: We did. It was a whirlwind relationship! We met on Zoosk, spoke for 8 month and took the plunge to meet in May 2013. He proposed in July 2013 and we just got married on 27th September this year. He didn’t know how to use the website properly so he didn’t narrow his search down and found me 134 miles away. He gave up his life in the midlands to move down South with me.

Caroline Cargill: I met my now fiance on Zoosk. Even though we lived 142 miles apart!!! Met in june and got engaged in sept as i am soooooo sure he is my perfect other half.

Janet Sainthouse: I met my partner on a dating site Feb 2013. Instant chemistry and he moved in with me 3 months later. 3 weeks after that I was diagnosed with cancer! He stood by me thru it all. 8 months after we met he proposed and we are getting married on Valentines Day (in 4 months!) .. which will be 2 years since we first met. I am now in recovery and doing well. He is my soulmate.

Tina Fennell: I met my hubby to be on facebook i poked him. That was 2010 and now we are engaged and planning our wedding and got two beautiful children a boy who is a nearly 3 and a girl who is nearly 4 months.

Jemma Ruddick: I did! We met online on a website called Plenty of Fish and get married on August 20th 2016! We met online in Sept 2013 and then spoke on the phone few weeks later. Then met on a date beginning of Oct and got together. Then in Feb 2014 we went to Warwick for the weekend and he proposed at the top of the tallest tower at Warwick castle because and i quote “your my princess until we have a daughter, then you’ll be my queen!” Xxxx

Lisa Thornton: I met my husband online two and a half years ago in April 2012. He proposed one week after we met face to face, got engaged that Christmas and got married this year in June.

Deb Weetman: We met on Eharmony 20 months ago and were engaged in March, moved in together August last year and getting married next summer. Never been so in love or feel so loved. A truly wonderful amazing guy. Was on my own for 16 years and never imagined I’d ever find THE one!

Vicky Walmsley: I did. 5.5 years later and 2 beautiful kids and we are getting married in December! I wasn’t even looking to meet anyone, I was just bored!!

Clair Nicholls: I met my other half online via xbox plus facebook and we have been together 3 months now.

Melanie Pickering: I met my husband 4 years ago on Match.com
We were each other’s 2nd attempt at love online and it was love at first sight. I had originally signed up for 6 months thinking I wasn’t going to meet anyone straight away and we got together after my 2nd month on the site. I asked Match.com to stop my subscription and they actually refunded me. Got my husband for free. We got married last July and still happily in love.

Angela Hand: I met my fiancé on my single friend…18 months later we’re engaged and due to get married next August.

Genine Morrant: Met my husband online nearly 10yrs ago we married 6 yrs ago, would recommend online dating who says mr or mrs right live near you my husband moved 100 miles to be with me.

Joanne Bundy: I met my fiancé on plenty of fish. I was close to giving up the internet dating thing but decided to give it one more go. I met Andrew Twitch Vickery 10/12/12. Was the start of a fantastic life. We are now engaged and have a beautiful baby girl.

Nicola Allen: We met on POF 4 years in February. We now have a 10 week old son and about to set the date of our wedding.

Anita Roberts: I met my fiancé online last July after being on my own for five years. He proposed last Oct and we get married in Jan 2015. Never been so happy yet probably wouldn’t have met him without match.com.

Carolyn Gage: Met my other half on Facebook we have been together 6years and get married in another 3years.

Paula Conway: Me. On POF, 7 years on due to be married in 8 months.

Jenna Crookston: I did! I met mine in a chat room . We get married the 25th of September next year.. Which is exactly 7 years to the date that we met.

Sam Henderson: I met my fiance online and are now expecting our first child in 6 weeks time! Never thought that online dating worked but it really does so glad i went and joined one.

Nat ‘alla Taylor: I met my boyfriend 8 years ago from a web site called FACEPARTY, got taking online for a few hours found out we lived round corner from each other met up in person at our local shop and been together ever since. but may i had hes shoes had more to say they he did on that day hahahaha, wouldnt change him for the world he was as sweet back then and still is to this day. i find it amazing you can find your soul mate right under your nose.

Aileen Munro: I met my hubby on the old fashioned internet called cb radio.

Samantha Wilson: Met my now husband through Match.com 5 yrs ago, married 4 mths ago.

Gemma Morris: I met my other half on Plenty of Fish of all places, we still argue about who contacted who first but I guess it doesn’t matter since we found each other! We spoke every day for almost 3 months when I eventually told him we had to meet or it was over, we met on 19th August 2012 our first official date, we took our 1st holiday together 4 months later, a year late we moved in together and in January we welcome our beautiful baby girl in to the world! We are getting married the day after our 4th anniversary in a beautiful stately home! I couldn’t have met a more perfect man (and he’s my gorgeous toy boy) Love can happen.

Amy Warnock Pearch: I did I met on my husband on face party in 2007 we have been married for 3 years already.

Laura Lambtonsoon Tobegibson: Yes i met my partner online.3year ago .we have a business 2gether.. A baby..and getting married nxt sep.. We r like 2peas in a pod.. He is the male version of me.

Lisa Hall: I met my fiance 3 and a half years ago online and we now have a beautiful son together.

Sharnie Brace: I went to a new years party with an ex (we were still friends), and was introduced to a guy who became a good friend, he had met people online through a gaming chat room, and somehow spoke to my partner through one of the people he had met online, he then told me we had a lot in common, I was still grieving the loss of my best friend, so felt like I wanted to talk to someone who could understand me. ao I stalked his fb profile a little. then decided to comment on one of his pics, it went from there, two weeks later I got on a train and travelled 140 miles to meet him for the first time. dropped out of college and my apprenticeship and moved in with him 3 months later. now we’re back in Nottingham (my home city), been together just over 4 years, been engaged for almost 3 years, have a 9 month old baby boy, and planning to get married in june 2016.

Alana Fishburne: We met on facebook in 2013 after a mutual friend tagged us both in a status, he moved 330 miles to live with me last month and we get married in 2015.

Krystle Nicole Martin: We did! 3.5 years and going strong!

Karis Moon: I met my OH online nearly 9 years ago (rocking the dial up back then) We get married SATURDAY!!!! It’s been a long time coming & cannot wait.

Karen Waller: I met my partner on POF 3 years ago. He proposed to me in July and we’re getting married next September.

Kelly Furness: we met online, got engaged june 2013, just bought our first house and get married in July.

Laila Dory Wright-hall: I met my fiancé on a dating site. We have been together almost two years now we got engaged Boxing Day 2014. We haven’t set a date yet though but been looking at venues. We spoke before for about two months before meeting and really clicked, also we discovered we had friends in common both being from norwich. We met after two months and instantly fell in love.

Vanessa Knowles: We went to primary AND secondary school together and were in the same class all the way through primary and had some classes together at secondary school! He was mates with my twin brother too….got together over Facebook!

Heidi Ogden: I met my partner on zoosk 4 year ago and we are getting married on valentines day.

Jenny Brown: I met my boo a year ago online (badoo) a year later I have just given birth to our beautiful boy. Couldn’t be happier.

Jeni Church: I met my fiancé nearly 2 years ago on a dating website and we have never been happier. Hopefully have the money to get married next year.

Vicky Matthews: I met my fiancé on Twitter! Been together a yr next month.

Hayley Watkins: Me and my husband met on a well known dating site. Got married this April.

Nina June Lamb: Yes I did just over 5 yrs ago but not a dating site it was in the Bebo days on an app called Friendzzi as we lived on opposite sides of Scotland the chances of us meeting otherwise would have been very very slim.

Helen James: I met my fiancée online on match 3 years ago and bought our first house together in February. He proposed in June. We are getting married on 12th September next year! My sister also met her husband online!

Sarah Jane Capps: Met my fiancé via Match.com in 2010 (I was moving 200 miles to a tiny village – turned out he lived in said tiny village already!!), got engaged 2013, got married August 2014.

Bex Downing: I met my fiancé online on pof. 31/2 years later we are engaged and due to get married next year and been living together a year in December.

Clare Marks: We first met on facepic on Dec 27th 2003, first date on Feb 14th 2004 engaged Feb 16th 2011 and were married Feb 16th 2013!!

Shenaz Lake-Thomas: Yes met on the net (online) dating 14 years ago and married 11 years ago.

Cheryl Norris: Yes. We met on fb 4 years ago and getting married next year lol.

Nicola Robinson: We reunited over 10 years later with upmost thanks to twitter x

Andy Riot Sargent: I met mine on a website, which then I talked on msn to her, which turned into a facebook talk, finally meeting her at a speedway meeting which I go to in April 2011 purposed in December 2013, left my job and family behind to move down into Burnham On Sea from Midsomer Norton, now have a place of our own, risk well took.


Susan Hynes: I met my oh online been together 8 yrs engaged for 7 and we have 2 kids and getting married Feb 2016.