Get married in the real Greece

Fancy Greece for your wedding but want somewhere a bit special?

Georgioupolis Chapel

You might want to try one of these six off-the-beaten-track places to marry in Greece, as  suggested by Jane Palikira of Ionian Weddings.


 Assos, Kefalonia

Assos is an achingly beautiful village in a rural area of Kefalonia, set in a spectacular position in the middle of a peninsula which stretches out into the Ionian Sea. Ionian Weddings has exclusive use of an old chapel dating back to 1627, where the ceremony can take place.

The reception can either take place in the same area, with white covered chairs and tables set in the paved courtyard and a Greek BBQ menu, or in a traditional taverna on the edge of the water serving delicious Kefalonian specialities


Amorgos is famous for being the setting of the “Big Blue” which was filmed in the turquoise waters surrounding the island. Often considered the gem of the Cyclades Islands, it is less visited than its famous sisters Santorini, Mykonos, Paros etc as it is only accessible by boat.

Weddings here can take place on the beach or outside a traditional whitewashed Greek chapel. Most brides like to arrive by donkey (although this is optional!) and accompanied by local musicians.

The reception takes place at a boutique hotel which has the best views on the island.


Meganissi is Greek for “big island”, although it is anything but! (It takes its name from being the largest of many small islands in the Nidri Bay of Lefkas.)

Access is by boat from the neighbouring island of Lefkas. Wedding ceremonies take place in a traditional village square overlooking the open sea surrounded by lush vegetation, with the reception taking place in a Greek taverna set in this traditional village, serving local specialities.

Most couples opt for Greek dancing and local entertainment to give the wedding added local flavour.

Rural Crete

Crete is Greek’s largest and most dramatic island and yet has many parts that are barely touched by tourism. Ionian Weddings has many unique locations in Crete but one of their newest locations is in a remote area, not far from Rethymon, which has one of the most picturesque chapels you’ve ever seen!

The chapel is located on a tiny islet at the end of a path leading from the beach. It can be used for civil ceremonies which take place outside and Orthodox ceremonies which take place inside. Receptions take place in beachfront tavernas or in the historic old town of Rethymnon which looks magical when lit up at night.

St Stefanos Island

This is a tiny private island, a 5-minute sail from Kefalos in Kos. It is famous for the beautiful blue and white chapel which features in many well-known photographs.

Your wedding takes place outside the chapel and you will have the whole island to yourselves.

After a champagne toast for all guests you will then sail to a remote private beach for a beach bbq, with freshly prepared salads, grilled meats and plenty of local wine. As the beach is so remote, you can party under the stars until the early hours without worrying about disturbing anyone nearby (except perhaps the goats that roam in the mountains surrounding the beach).


Ithaca is famous for being the mythical home of Homer’s Odysseus, and is a mountainous island covered in olive groves with many small bays which you can have to yourself, even in summer.

Weddings take place on a tiny islet set inside the picturesque bay of Vathy – you will have this island to yourselves, transported by boat. And the wedding will take place outside the pretty whitewashed chapel, underneath the pine trees.


Receptions can take place back on the island of Ithaki including the chic restaurants on the edge of the Marina.