Lucy and Tom’s wedding in Mexico

Hacienda San Jose, Mexico.

Lucy and Tom’s wedding in Mexico – The wedding blessing


Following their English country wedding at Old Colehurst Manor in Shropshire Lucy and Tom, jetted off to Hacienda San Jose near the colonial city of Merida and the Mayan sites of Chichen Itza and Izamal.


“Feeling thoroughly chilled out, our wedding blessing took place in a rustic chapel in the Hacienda,” says Lucy.

Lucy and Tom’s wedding in Mexico – Mayan melodies


They spent the day lazing by the pool and had a full body massage in the beauty room on beds covered in flowers. At sunset, children and dancers from the local village came dressed in the traditional costumes walked Lucy around the gardens singing Mayan songs before the ceremony in the chapel.

Lucy and Tom’s wedding in Mexico – The ceremony


The Shamen conducted the ceremony in Mayan and certain parts were punctuated with the choir singing and significant moments like candle lighting, eating bread and drinking a strange concoction. 

“We had no idea what he was saying but we had fun anyway. Everyone kissed us and congratulated us and threw bougainvillea flowers over us,” says Lucy. 

Lucy and Tom’s wedding in Mexico – A romantic dinner


They were led through the gardens to a beautifully decorated open-air bar area and given drinks and canapés while the choir sung to them. Traditional dancers put on a fantastic show and danced around with trays of drinks on their heads.

“Everyone left us alone whilst we ate a very romantic dinner.  It was just beautiful and peaceful and we listened to the frogs singing. When we left we were presented with a pretty notebook keepsake and got to keep our wedding outfits,” says Lucy.


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