Michael and Vikki’s Caribbean celebration

Michael and Vikki Hughes married in St Lucia, Caribbean

Michael and Vikki – St Lucia


Why St Lucia?


“We married in St Lucia as it’s where Michael’s family are from and we love the island, visiting it every year for our holiday,” says Vikki. “We booked Stonefield Estate Villa Resort & Spa, a former cocoa plantation at the base of the famous Piton mountains.”

Michael and Vikki – The Ceremony


What was the ceremony like?

“It was absolutely fantastic! We had clear blue skies, ocean views and tropical flowers – paradise!”

Michael and Vikki – The Reception


What was the reception like?

“The reception was perfect. We had family and friends from the island, London and even Uncle Julian from Texas, ate delicious food overlooking the mountains and then carried on into the evening around the lighted pool area drinking, dancing eating and laughing. It was a total family reunion.”

Michael and Vikki – Planning


Was it easy to organise?

“It was reasonably easy to arrange – the only snag was a lot of overseas calls. Everything else, like the outfits, flowers, cakes and so on was all done in good time. I stayed at the Villa the night before the wedding with my friends Carol and Qiana from London and my daughter Shannon so went through things with the planner the night before.”

Michael and Vikki – Tips


Any tips?


“My best tip is not to panic and get stressed. Allow yourself plenty of time to plan and make the right choices. Enjoy the day and make sure you make a DVD, as you won’t remember a thing while it is happening. It truly is a magical day.”