Weddings in France

From formal chateaux to rustic properties, but watch out for the technicalities...

Your wedding in France

What style of wedding?


“This is actually more varied than you might think,” says Beth Stretton, of Get Married In France. “A region such as Dordogne has everything from formal chateaux to rustic properties that suit many different styles of wedding. As a rule, I would say that informality and a beautiful setting, plus good food and drink, are the key ingredients.”

How long does it take to get there?

1-2 hours in the air, depending on where you fly to. But you also have ferries, Eurostar and the Eurotunnel, so plenty of options for you and your guests.

What time of year is best?

“It depends on the area,” says Beth. “In a popular area like Dordogne, a winter wedding is not impossible but it is less realistic as many of the amenities are not open in the winter months.” Spring and autumn are nice in the south of France, where it can get quite hot in summer.

Legal considerations?

“We rarely advise getting legally married here,” says Beth. “For a start, it’s very difficult to get around the requirement of having to be resident in France for at least 40 days prior to the wedding. However, it’s possible to do the civil paperwork at home, and follow this in France with a blessing and a wonderful reception.”

Anything else?

“We recommend the guys in your wedding party are all sorted before they arrive as the hiring of men’s formalwear isn’t common here and can be hard to find,” says Beth. “Having said that, the climate lends to more simple suits rather than more formal attire anyway.”

Useful websites

The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office: www.ukinfrance.fco.gov.uk

French national tourist board: www.franceguide.com

Wedding planners or specialist operators

Get Married In France: www.getmarriedinfrance.co.uk

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