Weddings in Ireland

Get with the craic for an unforgettable Irish wedding

Organising your wedding in Ireland

What style of wedding?


“There’s no one type of wedding suited to Ireland,” says Michelle McDermott, of Dream Irish Wedding. “Ireland caters for every possible theme and style from traditional to contemporary to Gothic to Medieval to retro to eco and all in between.”

How long does it take to get there?

It’s just across the water, with flight and ferry options.

What time of year is best?

“All year around is good as we have a very temperate climate so no extremes in temperature,” says Michele. “You don’t need to be overly influenced by the time of year, but you should focus instead on what part of Ireland you want to enjoy and let this determine your timing. The Shannon area is great for weddings as it is richly endowed with a range of visitor attractions, including the wonderful Cliffs of Moher.”

Legal considerations?

“There are no residency requirements,” says Michele, “but couples do need to give three months’ notice, which can normally be done by post. You then just need to attend the registration office to pick up a licence five days prior to the wedding.”

Anything else?

Public transport is scarce in the remoter parts of Ireland, so guests should hire a car (or take a car with them) to make the most of their trip.

Useful websites

The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office: www.britishembassyinireland.fco.gov.uk

Irish tourist board: www.discoverireland.com

Wedding planners or specialist operators

Dream Irish Weddings: www.dreamirishwedding.com

Vow Perfections: www.vowperfections.com

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