Weddings in Kenya

Book a safari in Kenya to get yourself a wild African wedding

Choose Kenya for a safari wedding

What style of wedding?


Go wild! Have your wedding in the bush or in a tented wilderness camp, on a riverbank or in a remote five-star safari lodge. Kenyan weddings tend to informal and relaxed – barefoot on a beach or under canvas – but it’s not impossible to still have a formal celebration.

How long does it take to get there?

Just under 10 hours from London to Nairobi.

What time of year is best?

May to October are the best months for weddings. The rainy season runs November to April. The climate is warm and humid on the coast, cool and humid in the central highlands, and hot and dry in the north and east.

Legal considerations?

You’ll need to spend at least three days in Kenya prior to the wedding. Depending on where in the country you’re getting married, you may need to visit Nairobi to complete the paperwork. To get a wedding licence, you’ll need your original birth certificates, passports with at least six months left on them, Affidavits confirming your single status (or a Decree Absolute if previously married); plus adoption or deed poll papers if your family or name situation has changed since birth. UK citizens need a visa to enter Kenya, but this can usually be acquired at the airport.

Anything else?

Once married, you’ll already be in one of the world’s most amazing honeymoon destinations: game reserves and gorgeous star-lit skies will be at your door.

Useful websites

The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office: www.ukinkenya.fco.gov.uk

Kenyan national tourist board: www.magicalkenya.com

Wedding planners or specialist operators

Somak Holidays: www.somak.co.uk

Dream Weddings: www.dreamweddings.co.uk/weddings/africa/Kenya

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