Weddings in Mauritius

Beautiful scenery makes for unforgettable outdoor nuptials in tropical Mauritius

Your tropical wedding in Mauritius

What style of wedding?


Crystal clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches make outdoor weddings unforgettable in Mauritius,

How long does it take to get there?

Around 12 hours from London.

What time of year is best?

Mauritius has a tropical climate, so it’s usually sunny on the beaches all year. May to October (winter) is warm and dry, but summer (November to April) can get humid and there is more risk of rain interrupting your big day. There is also a risk of cyclones from the new year through until March.

Legal considerations?

The paperwork is fairly standard, although a recently divorced (less than 10 months) bride-to-be must prove she is not pregnant. Otherwise, couples need birth certificates and passports, plus any relevant adoption evidence, death certificates or divorce papers (a copy of the original Decree Absolute stamped with the seal of the court) relating to previous marriages. There is a minimum residency requirement of three days. “The couple will have to visit our capital, Port Louis, a few times for the legal part of the wedding,” says Cindy Carolin Salomon, of One&Only Le Saint Géran (www.oneandonlylesaintgeran.com).

Anything else?

“Mauritius also does not have any shops hiring out wedding dresses and suits, which can sometimes provide a challenge,” says Cindy.

Useful websites

The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office: www.ukinmauritius.fco.gov.uk

Mauritius tourist board: www.mauritius.net

Wedding planners or specialist operators

One&Only: www.oneandonlylesaintgeran.com

The Wedding Place: www.theweddingsplace.co.uk

Dream Weddings: www.dreamweddings.co.uk

Kuoni: www.kuoni.co.uk/mauritius

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