Weddings in Thailand

Delicious Thai food and the perfect backdrop for a chilled-out ceremony

Your Thai wedding

What style of wedding?


Thai beaches are beautiful, and there are few places as relaxed as Thailand. Phuket and other islands offer perfect backdrops for chilled-out ceremonies.

How long does it take to get there?

London to Bangkok takes around 12 hours.

What time of year is best?

Aim for a Thai wedding sometime between November and March. Thailand is warm all year round but it gets really hot (and it also rains more) April through October.

Legal considerations?

Thailand differs from other countries in that you need to first register at the British Embassy in Bangkok, then visit the District Registrar’s Office to ‘legalise’ the marriage. There is no ceremony: once you have submitted the required paperwork (see link below), you are legally married under Thai law and issued with a Marriage Certificate. You will need to be in Bangkok for at least four working days to complete this whole process. It’s after these formalities have taken place that you can hold the wedding celebration or blessing of your choice. Full details and a full list of required documents are here.

Anything else?

The world may be in recession, but Thailand hasn’t lost its edge in the value-for-money stakes. Your pound will go further here than almost anywhere else in the world.

Useful websites

The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office: www.ukinthailand.fco.gov.uk

Thai national tourist board: www.thaismile.co.uk

Wedding planners or specialist operators

Dream Weddings: www.dreamweddings.co.uk/thailand

Kuoni: www.kuoni.co.uk

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