Beauty treatment review: Teeth whitening

Editor Maxine popped along to Elleven to trial their hour-long In-Chair Power Bleaching treatment

A carefully placed bouquet doesn’t make up for a perfect smile, but isn’t teeth whitening supposed to be painful? Y&YW’s editor Maxine found out for herself…


“The treatment works in three stages: stain removal to break down even the most stubborn coffee and red wine induced stains; re-whitening, where an active oxygen foam repairs enamel and delivers a dose of brightening hydrogen peroxide under an accelerator lamp; and then enamel repair using a special PrevDent serum that coats the tooth surface ensuring no damage.

Having had my teeth whitened before, I was expecting to ‘grin and bear’ the pain, but I can honestly say that I felt no sensitivity whatsoever. The dentists at Elleven claim that you can expect your teeth to look up to nine shades lighter, and I can definitely vouch for this.

I was delighted with the results, which should last three years and have been smiling confidently ever since.”


Approx £750, ellevendental.com