Bride Candy: Les Néréides Mariage locket

Open up your heart to this adorable necklace


On the outside they may look like any other necklace but open up a heart-shaped locket from Les Néréides “Ouvre Moi Ton Coeur” collection (that’s French for “Open Your Heart to Me” don’t you know!) and you’ll find a sweet figurine or two sitting inside.


These vermeil necklaces with hand-enameled characters come in five different options to celebrate five special occasions. Of course our eyes first zoned in on the tiny bride and groom, which would make a cool, kitsch W-day gift for any bride-to-be.

Other styles include a stork carrying a bundle of joy for those celebrating a new arrival, a girl holding a bouquet of flowers for “Fête des Mère” (Mother’s Day), a heart (“Amour”) to celebrate your love and a kissing couple (“Amoureux”) to tell the world you’re in love or, perhaps, celebrate a proposal.

Some people say it with flowers and now you can also say it with a gorgeous locket.

Necklaces, £160 each, lesnereides.com


Words by Alison Yau