Everything you need to know about wedding doughnut walls

Because who doesn't love dessert that doubles up as décor?

When deciding on what to include in your wedding, you can’t really go wrong with a wall covered in doughnuts? If the traditional three-tiered fruit cake covered in marzipan seems a little old-fashioned, then this is a much fun (and less messy) alternative. Guests don’t have to faff around with cake knives, plates and crumbs – plus doughnuts are a somewhat lighter alternative to a big ol’ slice of cake if people are still feeling full after a three-course meal.

(You and your other half can always get a separate cake or just one big giant doughnut to slice into together, if you still want to do the cake cutting ceremony.)

What’s more, doughnuts are more budget-friendly, come in a variety of flavours (gotta love sprinkles!) not to mention the fact that doughnuts are social media gold. Especially if they’re arranged on a wall for people to pose in front of. The concept of the doughnut wall was created by New York caterer Peter Callahan and it’s proven a big hit on the wedding circuit ever since.

You can order a whole bunch of doughnuts and create your own – or get this budget-friendly one from HobbyCraft. Otherwise there are plenty of catering companies that will do this for you, such as Kalm Kitchen, Krispy Kreme and Planet Doughnut.
Doughnut shelving wall
Enjoy a colour coordinated doughnut wall

You can choose to display them on individual racks or have shelves (above) with some pretty greenery to make them look even more photogenic. The artistic among you can order a range of colours and flavours and arrange them to look super fancy!

Wedding Doughnut Wall
Enjoy multi-coloured doughnuts displayed on racks at your wedding

An eco benefit to doughnut walls? Not only do they look pretty, but unlike flower walls – they get eaten up, so there’s less waste! You can also choose to paint the wall a variety of vibrant colours for extra Pinterest-worthy appeal.

The donut wall

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