10 things bridesmaids do that really annoy the bride

They might be your best friends and sisters, but nothing prepares for the things they will do to annoy you during wedding planning - sometimes blissfully unaware of it.


1. Complaining about their bridesmaids dresses


Ah, that old chestnut. You’re paying for the dresses, but you get complaints that they’re not flattering enough, aren’t the right colour etc etc (don’t they know you want them all to match the theme?). Sorry guys, but unless you look like Little Bo Peep (in which case, fair enough), you should just be grateful you’re not £100+ out of pocket. 

2. Being too vocal about your wedding dress

You think wedding dress shopping with your maids will be fun, but then they start being really vocal about the dresses they dislike. Sure, you’d want them to tell you if you looked totally horrible, but it’s not exactly confidence-boosting either. 

3. Not being hands on enough

We get it, when it’s not your own wedding, it’s not THAT exciting, but when your bridesmaids cancel a DIY session last minute because they’ve got a date, it makes you think you’re low on the priorities list – and aren’t bridesmaids meant to be supportive?


4. Assuming you get a plus one

Sure, as part of the bridal party, the maids are considered VIPs, but that doesn’t mean they get to invite their boyfriend of a month. Obviously long-term partners or husbands are fine. We’re not monsters.

5. Going AWOL

Not replying to your What’s App messages can be extremely grating, especially if you need their answers ASAP because you need to buy shoes in the sale or respond to a supplier. That doesn’t mean you should text every hour of the day though, that would be verging on bridezilla territory…

6. Asking you again and again what they need to be doing

You know what’s really handy? Making lists. And memorising them!


7. Bitching about the other bridesmaids

Sure, because dealing with annoying in-laws/parents isn’t stressful enough, let’s add some tensions with the bridesmaids too. Can everyone remember weddings are meant to be blissful, happy occasions?

8. Uploading pictures to social media

We get it, it’s exciting getting ready with the bride, and it’s oh-so tempting to upload a pic of the dress on Facebook. But you’re only a click away from the potential disaster of the groom seeing it before you walk down the aisle. Phones at the door please.

9. Complaining about the cost of everything

Of course weddings are expensive, and you get that a night’s hotel plus travel isn’t cheap, but it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a £20k wedding. Just saying…


10. Being late


There is THE one day when it’s not ok to be late, and that’s THE wedding day – seriously any other day you can deal with. Chances are you’ll be stressed enough without worrying about maids not getting make-up/hair done in time.