21 Things Every Bridesmaid Needs to Know

Essential wedding etiquette tips for bridesmaids


Being a bridesmaid is a full time job

Seriously, do you know how many hours bridesmaids spend helping a bride plan her wedding?


Dress fittings are important.

You need to be there. One bride sacked her maids for failing to turn up. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


You might be stuck with a bridezilla.

But we’re 99% sure she won’t be as bad as this bride, who demanded her friends put on weight ahead of her wedding so she’d be the skinniest.


You might be expected to chip in money wise

Not for a Marchesa wedding dress like one bride asked, but probably to cover her share of the hen-do / flights / accommodation etc.


Buying your own bridesmaid dress might be a possibility.

It normally goes like this: The bridesmaid pays for the dress, the bridesmaid gets to choose the dress. The bride pays for the bridesmaids’ dresses, the bride chooses the dresses. But if you’re really uncomfortable with her choice make sure you say something before you take to the aisle. Remember she wants you to feel fabulous on the day too.

Your phone battery is going to be seriously drained – all that whatsapping will take its toll on your poor old iPhone 5.
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You’ll need your very own budget spreadsheet.

Being a bridesmaid is costly business

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Be sure to ask what the bride expects from you.

Some just want you by their side on the day, while others want you to hold their hand through the whole process.


Check whether she wants to assign different tasks to each bridesmaid.

She may have roles set aside for people.


If you live far away, your role is to provide moral support.

Like her social media wedding posts, reply to her emails, make sure she knows you’re there for her, even if you’re miles apart.


Organise some un-wedding related meet ups, so you can both remember who you were before all of this!


Be prepared to hate your bridesmaid dress, especially if she is choosing it.

If she’s your best pal of 15 years, tell her how you feel. If she’s your future sister in law? Maybe grin and bear it.


Take snacks in your handbag on the big day.

You don’t want you or her to be hangry walking down the aisle. Or lightheaded from all of the champagne.


Stay out of the other bridesmaids’ drama. Not. your. problem,


Offer to help, even if she doesn’t ask.

She might be struggling more than you know.


The other bridesmaids might start as strangers, but by the end of the wedding, you’ll be super tight. She has photos of you with a penis straw, for goodness sake!

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You might need to look after the bride’s phone on her big day.

No fraping today, thank you.


If your partner is coming to the wedding, he may end up spending a lot of the day alone – your duties last long after the vows have been said. Make sure he’s okay with being a lone wolf.

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Pack flat shoes for the dancefloor.

After posing for all those photos you’ll need them especially as the bride will be relying on you to hit the floor first and get the party started.


Do enjoy the ‘morning-of’ pampering but remember she’ll need help with her veil and accessories, as well as some serious confidence-boosting so build time for this into your schedule.


Make the morning even more fun with a surprise playlist of her favourite songs and some bubbly


Remember what an honour it was it have been asked to be such an integral part of the biggest day of her life, and enjoy the day, no matter how stressful the lead up was.