23 Things That Happen in Every Bridesmaid Group Chat

Are you even a bridesmaid if you're not in a bridesmaid group chat?

Wedding planning and group chats go hand in hand. Here are 23 things that happen in every bridesmaid group chat – from hen party planning to mixing up your messages…

When someone suffers an unfortunate autocorrect…

1. Someone takes control and starts up the group. They have the coveted role of group admin, but also the pressure that goes along with that.

2. The group picture must be decided. A drunk snap of the bride from your 2009 trip to Ibiza? Or a cute picture of the whole group?

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3. Do you invite the bride? There’s some agonising over this – can you start up another chat with her in or is that too confusing?

4. It’s slightly awkward at first as her oldest friends from school get to know her best friends from uni, but you can all bond over your love for the bride.

5. There are preliminary hen party discussions. Obviously most of that will take place in the hen party group but as bridesmaids, you all need to approve ideas before they go out to the rest of the hens.

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6. The notifications start to get a bit much – you’ll put your phone down for a while and come back to 47 unread Whatsapp messages.

7. Someone will suggest an idea you don’t like in the hen party group chat. You can decamp to the bridesmaids group chat to discuss it.

8. Between you, you have to decide who will go back to the hen party group chat and dismiss the idea you don’t like.

9. This will inevitably fall to the sister or best friend of the bride – she knows her best after all!

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10. One bridesmaid will be super organised and make everyone look bad – she arranges group dress shopping expeditions, bridesmaid bonding days and has tentatively suggested a regular gym sesh so you can all get in shape together.

11. Everyone will slate the first choice of bridesmaid dress – even if you don’t mind it so much, you’ll get caught up in the drama.

12. Except the one bridesmaid who can’t say anything bad ever – even though none of you want to wear strapless satin, she’ll go out of her way to find something nice to say…and then you’ll all feel bad.

13. Someone will ask too many questions. No, we don’t know what time we’re getting to the venue yet. It’s a YEAR away. I’m not sure what the weather will be like on the hen party in six months’ time.

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14. At least one bridesmaid won’t say anything at all – you’ll know she’s read the messages but she just has nothing to offer and it’s infuriating!

15. There will be a slight sense of competitiveness. It’s inevitable – the friend from school will feel slightly affronted when one of her ideas is dismissed by a uni friend who states ‘Oh, she hates things like that’. It becomes a matter of ‘who knows the bride best?’

16. At least one bridesmaid will already be married and whilst that can be useful for questions, you might get a bit bored of her saying ‘well, at my wedding…’ and ‘when I was getting married…’

17. One bridesmaid will say something totally innocent that will be misinterpreted by another bridesmaid – tensions will flare until the nicest BM manages to smooth everything over.

18. You’ll write what you think is a witty comment and no one will respond for ages and you’ll spend a disproportionate amount of time wondering why.

19. If you’re a bridesmaid at another wedding, it’s inevitable you’ll get your group chats mixed up and will totally confuse everyone with what appears to be a sudden change of plan.

20. There will be group fear and panic when someone admits they think the bride may know what your hen party plan is…but luckily it’s a false alarm.

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21. You can all compare hangovers and discuss the hen party in great detail the next day.

22. Someone will go rogue and try and start a Facebook group chat as well as a Whatsapp one – one line of communication only, guys!

23. After the wedding you’ll feel so close with your BM pals that you won’t want to disband the group chat – in fact, you’ll probably write in it every few months or so, just to see how they’re all doing…


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