Professional bridesmaid for hire!

She'll be your best friend, plan your perfect hen do and stand by your side at the altar, all for a fee of course

The real life 27 Dresses?

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride goes the saying… But now, one serial bridesmaid from New York has turned her perpetual aisle duties into a quirky business idea.


For a small fee, 26-year-old Jen Glantz will stand in as the perfect maid, offering services such as getting guests up on the dancefloor, lifting the bride’s train and even helping her go to the toilet.

If you prefer a more behind-the-scenes kind of bridesmaid, you can also hire Jen to arrange your hen party or chat planning ideas over Skype.

As soon as she advertised on US services website Craigslist, she received numerous responses from the US as well as brides as far away as Australia, Turkey, Vietnam and Israel.

She sites reasons to have a stranger as your bridesmaid as: risk falling out with your friends, your girls living too far away, uneven numbers on the altar and your current bridesmaids not pulling their weight.

Encouraged by the amount of initial interest, she’s now got her own website (bridesmaidforhire.com) with the tag line ‘handles all of the dirty work’.

It’s not all hard work though, as Jen said: “I’ve always loved weddings and I love being a part of them. There’s something so special about two people promising to spend their lives together.”

However, witnessing true love isn’t her only motive, as she hopes her new career path will lead her to find her own Mr Right: “My mum says I’ll be able to meet eligible groomsmen at all these weddings, so she’s thrilled. I’m always trying to catch the bouquet!”


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