This is how much the average bridesmaid dress costs

Does the amount you're spending match up?

When we talk to real brides, they often say the hardest part of wedding planning is finding this bridesmaid dresses – and we can definitely see why.


From choosing the colour you want (pink or blue, yellow or maybe purple?) to decided whether you want to go for the mismatched trend or have them all wearing the same dress, there’s so much to consider.

A debate that rages on, is who should pay for the bridesmaid dress? A survey by Oasis revealed that 59% of bridesmaids think the bride should pay for the dress, while 35% thought the bride should at least make a contribution.

Will you for for mismatched bridesmaid dresses?

With the majority of brides expected to cover the cost of bridesmaid dresses, the price is obviously important, especially if you’re working to a strict budget.

The survey found that 80% of brides spend more than £50 per dress – with the majority (44%) of brides spending between £51 and £100.

The average price per dress is £114, which could add £342 to the bridal bill with an average of three bridesmaids attending.

Despite the big cost, just 37% of brides take full control over what their maids’ dresses look like.

35% of brides simply choose the colour of the dresses, leaving fit, style and accessories to their friends – which is why the mix and match trend is such a big trend in weddings.

Are you paying for your bridesmaids’ dresses, or will they treat themselves?


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