10 things every groom needs to know

Essential wedding etiquette tips for the guys!

1. Look alive. (In other words, take an interest. It’s YOUR DAY too!)


2. Anything goes on your outfit – from tails and a tophat to chinos and tweed.

3. A standout buttonhole will immediately set you apart as the VIP (er, VIG). There’s no shame in sneaking a pic onto her wedding flowers Pinterest board.

4. Do sweat the small stuff. We’ve heard one too many tales of grooms starting a job that the bride then has to finish due to his feigned incompetence.

5. Set some stag ground rules. The whole ritual humiliation thing’s been done to death, don’t you think? Give your best man some guidance on wish-list activities instead.


6. It’s OK to be a groomzilla. In fact, we love a guy who branches out beyond the usual groomy remit of booze, suit and honeymoon planning. (We promise not to tell your mates you spent the weekend crafting favour boxes.)

7. Brief your ushers well so the bride doesn’t have to stress it.  A running order for the day that outlines their roles (eg, ensuring ceremony seating goes smoothly, herding people for group photos) is always handy.

8. Send a little love note to the bride’s suite on the wedding morning to make the aisle anticipation that much sweeter.

9. Make an effort in the photos. Getting that one shot you’ll treasure forever takes a bit of time and a can-do attitude. You’ll be able to get back to the party soon enough, we swear.


10. Nothing can prepare you for the moment she walks down the aisle. Savour it!