7 things your groom does to annoy you

Because sometimes brides and grooms have totally different approaches to wedding planning...

We know you love your husband-to-be (oh gawd, please don’t tell anyone if you don’t because the venue’s booked and Mum will be soooo moody if you call it off now) but it’s perfectly normal to get a little agitated with them most some of the time. They have those little quirks that are kind of cute but then get annoying, and there will be times at which they seem rather unenthusiastic when you’re trying to prepare for the most important day of your lives. Ladies, we sympathise. And we know exactly how to deal with those bad habits he just can’t seem to shake.


1. When they forget to pick up the flowers

We’re not saying this is strictly a man thing… but sometimes one person in the relationship is a little less organised than the other. Stick cute little Post-it notes all over the house or create a chalkboard checklist in the kitchen, so that they have absolutely no possibility of forgetting those flowers.

2. When it’s the week before the wedding and they haven’t got the tux tailored

An easy way to fix this would be to have them go to the tailor with you, which sounds pretty boring when you put it like that. But, by turning this arduous task into a cute fiancée date involving dinner afterwards, it will make the whole exercise more exciting. After all, this wedding is about you two so it only makes sense to plan for it together.

3. When they STILL can’t decide between marble and white for the wedding cake

To be fair, it’s tough when all the cakes are so delicious, but while it’s not the most important decision you’ll ever have to make, it still sort of matters. We recommend that when he doesn’t have to be the deciding voice, don’t pester him about it. That way when the time comes for him to put in his two cents, he won’t be completely exhausted from sampling that cake 23 times.

4. When you walk in on them dressing the family cat in your wedding veil

It’s not a bad thing that his inner-child still likes to play. This kind of thing is somewhat adorable, but if you don’t want your veil smelling like kitty litter, offer to play dress-up with just the two of you and then lock your dress away in a hidden box. 

5. Now that they’ve settled on white cake, you find out they’ve already helped themselves to a slice

Save yourself any kitchen knife drama (because who wants one of those?) and let him know he’s welcome to snack on those olive hors d’hoeuvres you filled the fridge with. Then, have the bakery deliver the wedding cake on the day of the wedding. Or put a big note on the box saying: “Nope. You can’t have your cake and eat it, Mr.”

6. When you need to write these invitations but they won’t stop making that face at you

Okay. So, some wedding tasks are probably better accomplished on your own.

7. When they look lovingly at you and you just can’t focus


This is one problem that we hope is never solved.