How to involve the groom in wedding planning

Not sure how to share the wedding planning equally? Here are 8 tips to get your groom involved.

Photo | Rex Features

1. Google Spreadsheets are your friend


Trust us, this will make your life SO much easier. Set up a spreadsheet for your budget, guest list etc and share it with your beloved, so you can both edit it at the same time – or better yet, get him to set it up. Colour coding can be extremely satisfying you know.

2. Set a weekly schedule

Nothing too scary, just an hour every weekend perhaps. That’s enough time to power through smaller tasks, plus assessing the work in progress will reassure you both.

3. Ban wedding chat…

… for a little while at least! Set an hour aside every day to chat about something other than the wedding, it’ll be a nice break and a little reminder of why you’re marrying that wonderful person in the first place.

4. Don’t include him in everything

We know it can be annoying, but most grooms just aren’t that interested in the colour of your flowers or tablecloths, so get him focused on something he might be more passionate about instead, like the food!


5. Ask him for help

As a general rule, grooms love to fix things, so if you’re facing any issues, with suppliers for example, get him on the case.

6. Encourage his creativity

Let’s face it, most wedding ideas tend to come from the bride, so encourage him to add his personality to the big day. He could design the stationery or curate the playlist for example.

7. Let him plan the honeymoon

Chances are he’ll be very excited to plan a romantic holiday, plus it’ll be one less thing for you to organise.

8. Listen to what he has to say


It’s easy to get carried away by the ideas you’ve been pinning all over the place, but it’s important to remember it’s his wedding as well as yours. So ask him what he thinks, and be prepared to let go of some of your plans – that’s what compromise is all about!