Video: Emotional moment policeman stops London Pride parade to propose to his boyfriend

If this video doesn’t make you cry we don’t know what will.

Every proposal is pretty special. But some are so spectacular, they actually make everyone’s day a little bit better for having watched it. Especially when their meaning goes beyond the love the couple has for each other and mark how far we’ve come along as a society. If you haven’t already seen this heartwarming video from the London Pride parade this weekend, it’s about to make your Monday a whole lot better.


It shows a Met Police officer Phil Adlem marching down Regent Street for the annual London Pride parade with fellow officers. His colleagues then stop and get in formation before he breaks away to propose to his boyfriend, who is standing in the crowd.

Naturally, everyone starts cheering, before the emotional boyfriend says yes! Love was clearly in the air this weekend, as another couple of policemen also got engaged, this time right in the middle of the parade.


Given the Pride parade is about fighting discrimination and celebrating love in all its forms, we couldn’t think of a better backdrop to a proposal and everything same-sex marriage stands for. And considering how we’re used to reading mainly negative headlines involving the police, this was some much-needed good news that would make any Londoner or police officer glow with pride.

Phil is also a volunteer speaker for an LGBT charity and a former frontline worker with homeless youth. Speaking to The Guardian he commented, “I am lucky to live in a time when I can join the police service as an openly gay man – and I have previous generations to thank for that.”

He continued, “Pride is an invaluable source of positivity and strength for anyone who has experienced abuse or bullying. It has evolved far from its roots as a militant protest, and with the support of the media and corporate heavyweights, it is incredibly difficult to ignore.”

The special moment was shared by the Metropolitan police’s LGBT Network and ITV News, and promptly went viral.

It’s safe to say everyone got a bit emotional this weekend!


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