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When to order your wedding suit

We reveal the right time to hire your wedding suit, depending on when your wedding is

It’s common for brides to spend many months finding their perfect wedding dress, while not as much thought goes into finding the perfect groom’s suit, and this can end up being left until the last minute.


While finding your husband-to-be’s ideal suit might not be as high up the priority list as securing the wedding dress of your dreams, there is more to it than walking into a department store and picking up the first navy wedding suit you set eyes on.

Read on for our advice on when to buy your wedding suit.

When is the best time to order your wedding suit?

Although couples marry all year round, high season is May to September, which means there are periods of increased demand at suit hire companies. September through to January is the busy enquiry stage, when grooms and their best men are doing their initial research. January through to April/May tends to be when grooms and their grooms men actually order their outfits.

If you’re hiring your suit, don’t leave it too late, particularly if you are marrying on a Saturday in high season, or around the time of other periods of high demand such as race meetings and especially if you are hoping to hire a number of identical suits for a big grooms party.

Another thing to consider is the variety of sizes needed. If there are ushers or relatives needing exceptionally large sizes (ie up to a 60in chest) or very small, junior versions of the same suits, these may need to be sourced from other branches.

When should you collect your wedding suit?

Most hire specialists will have your outfits ready for collection a week to ten days before the big occasion so that you can have a final fitting and make sure that no sizing errors have been made and no-one has lost/gained too much weight. Never leave it until the day before.

When does your wedding suit need to be returned?

Outfits are usually returned the first working day after the wedding. Obviously this is no job for a newly-married groom, so ask your best man to return it on your behalf.


What happens if any of the wedding suits are damaged?

Most rental agreements will include an accidental damage waiver payable with the hire fee so standard rips, tears and marks will be covered, although top hats are often not included under this policy because so many over-excited groomsmen throw them into the air and lose them! Never attempt to wash or sponge wine or grease stains because you will invariably make it worse. Leave the cleaning to the experts.