10 ways to keep the kids entertained at your wedding

Brides-to-be with little people on the guest list often worry that the kiddies will run riot, drive their parents insane, or get bored. The secret to having a stress-free and child-friendly reception is to provide lots of fun activities. With that in mind, we have put together a list of ways to keep the children entertained at your wedding, so their parents are free to sip cocktails, give toasts, and have a catch-up.

1.     Outdoor carnival games


If your reception is being held at a venue with a garden or decent outside area, why not take advantage of that space and set up some fun outdoor carnival-esque games? From ring toss and twister to outdoor jenga and connect four, the little ones will be entertained for hours.

Picture: Hello Naomi

2.     Indoor games area

If you don’t have the option of setting up games outside, use one of the rooms in your venue as a game centre. Retro favourites such as snakes and ladders, operation and guess who are suitable for kids of all ages and will encourage them to mingle. You could also set up a crafts table with pots of crayons and craft supplies like stickers, pipe cleaners and playdough for the kids to get creative with. Wedding themed crafts like drawing wedding dresses, making cards for the bride and groom or even making masks for the photo booth is guaranteed to be a hit.

3.     Kids photo booths

Stock your photo booth with tons of dress-up items and photo props, or even better – have a separate kids-only photo booth. Providing items like funny hats, oversized glasses and feather boas will make for some hilarious pictures. Etsy have plenty of wedding booth prop sets, as well as printables to make your own!

4.     Professional entertainment

If the budget allows, you could consider hiring a professional performer to entertain the tots.  A magician, clown, face painter, impersonator, or balloon animal maker could keep the little ones busy while you and your guests dance the night away. You could always designate a separate space for the kiddies if you’re wary of mixing colourful clowns with your elegant evening.

Picture: Evermine

5.     Colouring placemats

Restaurants have the right idea by providing colouring placemats and crayons for children. Snag this template for kids wedding activity placemats for under £3. They can be personalized with the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date. They include a maze, tic-tac-toe, a word search, connect-the-dots and more, and are a great way to keep the little ones busy as they wait for their food. 

6.     Goody bags

Having a few age appropriate games and activities placed in a small goodie bag are a good way to keep the little hands and minds busy. Goodie bags can include things like puzzles, snacks, bubbles or yo-yos.

7.     Movie corner

You can help the kids settle down towards the end of the evening and provide a place for them to unwind by setting up a movie corner. Beanbags, comfy cushions, blankets and little bags of popcorns are an added bonus!

Picture: The Wedding Ring

8.     Cupcake decorating table

The kids wont have to wait for the cutting of the cake when they have their very own cupcake decorating station! Provide plain cupcakes, pre-filled icing bags, sprinkles and little aprons for a wedding activity that will go down a treat.

Picture: Hello Naomi

9.     Photo scavenger hunt

Sending the kids on a photo scavenger hunt is a good way to keep them occupied throughout the day and could result in some really cool pictures! Make a list of 20 or so moments or items that can be found at a wedding and let the children seek them out and snap some photos with disposable cameras. Picture ideas might include the bride and grooms first dance or the wedding cake.

10. Dance competitions 


Even if you have a band, you might also consider hiring a DJ for the kids.  Most DJs will cater to young children by hosting dance competitions, hula-hoop contests, and games such as musical chairs – you might even find that the adults join in!