9 things you should NEVER do at a wedding

The beautiful bride and groom are under enough stress on their wedding day as it is, and they don't need the added trauma of an unpleasant surprise from one of their trusted invitees. Be a great guest and stick to these rules...

1.    Never wear white


Never wear white for a wedding – unless of course you’re the bride. Nothing says attention grabber more than the woman who turns up in a flowing white dress and makes a point of standing near the bride at every given opportunity.

2.    Dress inappropriately

Dressing down in jeans for a wedding is a big no, as is turning up in the skimpy outfit you reserve for a wild night with the girls. If your hosts have set a dress code, make sure you follow it. Otherwise think smart, not too exposing and something that’ll work for the ceremony and reception.


3.    Propose

Want to pop the question to your other half? Don’t do it at a wedding as the photo, which went viral a few weeks ago, proves. The couple you’re trying to upstage have spent thousands of pounds and gone to lots of effort to make the day perfect for them and their guests. Trying to upstage them is unforgivable.

4.    Use a mobile phones

Answering your phone while the happy couple exchange their vows or scrolling through your news feed during the father of the bride’s speech are up there as the worst things you can do at a wedding. The answer is to switch your phone off.

5.    Film the wedding on your tablet

Nothing’s more annoying than being stuck in the church behind the person with the tablet who’s filming the whole thing. Not only do they stand in all the critical moments so you can’t see a thing, they’re constantly going from their seat to the aisle to get the best view.


6.    Uninvited guests

If your invitation has a plus one, then by all means take along a guest but make sure you let your hosts know when you RSVP. If it doesn’t, don’t take along a mate to keep you company – they won’t be catered for and will throw the seating plan into disarray.

7.    Turning up late

Make sure you know how long it’ll take you to get to the wedding and don’t be late. Aim to get there around 20 minutes early. You don’t want to be the one dashing in after the bride and making a scene. 

8.    Getting drunk

Getting roaring drunk at your best mate’s wedding is not a good idea. Instead pace yourself throughout the day and make sure you drink plenty of water. You want to remember the day for the right reason, not spend the day after with your head in your hands wondering what you did and said.

9.    Photos


Sharing the photos of the big day is up to the bride and groom, not you. So unless they’ve asked you to, do not post pictures of their big day on your social media for the whole world to see.