How to be the perfect wedding guest

Be every couple's dream guest by following these simple rules...

The last thing any couple need are troublesome guests to add to their wedding planning stress. So when your invite drops through the door, follow these etiquette rules to make sure you stay high up in their good books…


RSVP on time

You will seriously save the couple a headache by doing this. Fill in all the criteria too, such as meals and whether you’re staying over at the venue. If there’s no RSVP slip, buy a card and write in it that you’d love to/unfortunately can’t attend.

Be on time

Don’t be that person who slips into the back of the ceremony as the bride’s about to arrive.  All the guests will be watching out for her grand entrance, so there’s no chance of doing it subtly – and the string quartet might even start playing when they see the curtain twitch!

No special requests

If it says no children on the invite, you can only really ask to bring yours if you’ve got a babe in arms or your little angels have scared any potential babysitters away. See it as an opportunity to party child-free for an evening.

Make time for the bride and groom

Even though they’ll be in high demand, don’t leave the wedding without saying congratulations to the couple and telling the bride she looks lovely.

Make friends

Make an effort with strangers, rather than sticking to the comfort of your social bubble. The bride and groom will love you for it!


Keep smiling

What happens if you don’t actually know anyone/you’ve just been dumped/you’ve been seated next to your arch nemesis? It’s time to paint on that smile and pretend you’re having the time of your life. Comfort-eating cake will help you out with this one.

Be open minded

It might not be your dream wedding, but that’s ok, because you’re at someone else’s. So don’t moan about the food, temperature or waiting around time and accept that the day is about what the happy couple want. 

Bring a gift

Stick to the gift list unless all that’s left is the preposterously priced fish knife you know won’t see the light of day. If you’re an evening guest, it’s polite to bring a token present such as wine or to put a honeymoon donation in the card.

Dress appropriately

That means no white, no revealing outfits and whatever you do, don’t wear the same dress as the bridesmaids.

Be cautious on social media

Let the bride and groom be the first to upload a wedding snap to Facebook – believe us, they won’t be able to wait until the end of the day to change their profile pictures and statuses. No bride will thank you for revealing her dress to the world with an unflattering phone photo you took when she wasn’t looking.

Don’t get too drunk


Because you’ll be known as ‘the one who threw up at so-and-so’s wedding’ for evermore. That’s not a legacy anyone wants!