The absolute worst outfits guests have worn to a wedding

“The bride’s twin sister left the reception to get changed and came back wearing a white wedding gown. Not even kidding.”


“My ex mother in law wore brown sweat pants and a sweat shirt. To be fair, it was a set, and clearly cost at least 30$. I got married at night, in an opera hall, in a formal tuxedo and dress affair.”


Posted by SaturdayBaconThief on Reddit

“I went to a wedding once where I had no idea what to wear, since I didn’t have anything, so I wore an old homecoming dress. Everyone else was in t-shirts and jeans when I got there. I was very uncomfortable.”

Posted by Jacksonspace on Reddit

“My uncle brought his girlfriend to my mom and dad’s wedding. She finds out what the bridesmaids are wearing to the wedding, and I kid you not, she shows up in the exact same dress. Same color, same style, same everything.”

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“The bride’s twin sister left the reception to get changed and came back wearing a white wedding gown.”

Posted by Kittycatb16 on Reddit

“The girl showed up to our semi-formal wedding wearing blue jeans and a T shirt and her boyfriend of the week was wearing a camo-shirt and ripped jeans.”

Posted by forman98 on Reddit

“My mother-in-law didn’t show up until half way through the ceremony, which I didn’t notice but my husband did of course. Well once I see her I realise she was wearing an ivory sari and was showing her midsection- my husband’s family is not Indian and it seemed kind of obvious she was going for attention.”

Posted by purpleOK on Reddit

“One of my work colleagues turned up in a ripped jean jacket and a bandana on his head…”

Posted by Adrian on lamarieeencolere


“A girl who crashed our wedding (she must’ve been a friend of a family member) wore a dress that barely covered her boobs. The photographer took loads of pictures of her thinking she was a family member. Awkward.”

Posted by Muriel on lamarieeencolere

“At a friend’s wedding, this lady arrives in a swimsuit, sarong and flip-flops. I was mortified for her. So cringe, it’s a wedding, not a campsite BBQ!”

Posted by Coralie on lamarieeencolere

“For our civil ceremony, my mother-in-law turned up in this ridiculous blue beach dress straight out of the 70s, and it was so small we thought it would tear around the stomach. The worst thing is, for brunch the next day, she wore a very smart suit.”

Posted by Java on lamarieeencolere


“The witness’s wife wore this really tight white dress. She always wears black and never wears skirts or dresses usually.”

Posted by Emilie on lamarieeencolere

“A really tight dress… and no underwear. I’ll let you imagine what the pictures of her crouching looked like…”


Posted by Marion on lamarieeencolere