The worst things to say at a wedding

It's not as simple as receiving the invite, picking out a new outfit and turning up for some free drinks and a tasty snack, you know. As a wedding guest you have a responsibility to follow acceptable wedding behaviour guidelines and help make sure the bride and groom have the best day of their lives. In short, DO NOT, at any point of the day, feel tempted to say any of the following things…

Apparently she said she would leave him if he didn’t propose.


Remind me, who is it that gets to sleep with a bridesmaid?

Oh no, don’t do a dance routine. Please don’t. Noooooo.

This is so cringe.


Hmm, personally I wouldn’t serve beef.

It won’t last.

So, they only have beer or wine? No Tequilla? 

I bet her grandma hates the dress.

Should we tell her that her bra strap is showing?

That dress doesn’t seem to fit her very well. 

Did she wear that to her first wedding?

Did you see his ex’s face when the bride walked down the aisle?


The groom doesn’t look as into this as she does. 

Wait, is she pregnant? 

I take thee Rachel…

Me! I object! Just kidding. Lol. 

I had a bit of a thing with him/her before these two met.

You look beautiful, I almost didn’t recognise you!

I think there’s a bit of tension between the MOBs.

You can tell the cake is homemade.

The top table got their food agggges ago.


Third time lucky, hey? 

So, when will you have a baby?

It’s depressing isn’t it, we’re at that age when all our friends are divorcing.

I think she’s telling the groom to stop drinking. 


What’s the worst thing someone has said to you at a wedding? Tell us in the comments box below…