Things you should never say to the bride on her wedding day

Give the bride a break and avoid making these comments!

When she was planning her wedding she probably felt like everyone had an opinion – so when it comes to the main event, it’s time to bite your tongue and let the bride enjoy her hard work. Stick to positive comments, avoid little digs and steer clear from anything probing about her future plans (she’ll get the baby question enough from her mum already!). To help you stay in the bride’s good books, we’ve rounded up the things guests might say that are most likely to grind her gears…


Omg you look SO skinny!

Why can’t she just look like her beautiful self?

How much did this all cost?

No one wants to think of their mountain of debt on their wedding day.

So who’s paying?

That’s just an awkward question. And who cares anyway?

Where are the kids?

Don’t remind her of her guest list battles. If there are no children there, it’s because they’re not invited.

At my wedding, we did this…

Don’t turn it into a comparison game – she’ll think you’re implying that yours was better.

When’s the entertainment starting?

If she’s a bride on a budget, it’s when her iPhone docking station comes out!

I don’t suppose I can move seats for dinner?

Do you know how long that seating plan took to put together? There’s a method to it, so bite your tongue and try to get to know the people around you.

When will we hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet?

Maybe let her enjoy her marriage for a whlile first.

What’s with that guy?

Everyone has a weird family member that they were forced to invite – no need to draw attention to them.

I don’t know what you’re doing with him!

Never put the groom down – even in jest – in front of his biggest fan.

It’s freezing in here!

You know what she can’t change? The weather. We reckon dancing is a pretty good way to warm up.

This venue is so out of the way

With most couples having family and friends spread across the country, it’s pretty impossible to get a venue that’s convenient for everyone.

Why is your glass empty?


Don’t keep refilling the bride’s wine glass – she wants to remember her wedding day.