This is How Much it Costs to be a Wedding Guest

We all know weddings are expensive for the bride and groom, but guests spend more than you think too

As a wedding guest, there’s nothing more exciting than a beautifully designed wedding invitation popping through your letterbox – who doesn’t love an excuse to get dolled up and celebrate the love of two of your friends? 


How much everything is going to add up to is a bit of an after thought, though. And it can end up being rather a costly affair for guests.

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You might need to raid your savings jar

A recent survey by American Express revealed how much wedding guests typically spend on a wedding, and it’s a pretty eye watering amount.  

A third of Brits will attend at least one wedding this year, spending on average of £432. 

The biggest chunk of moolah goes on the gift (£85), followed by the accommodation (£74), after that comes the outfit (£71), travel (£64), hen and stag dos (£57), drinks (£54), and lastly, hair and beauty (£27) 

It certainly all adds up! As a guest, what have you spent the most on? For us, it’s always been the accommodation, but maybe our friends have just had modest gift lists…

If you’re a bridesmaid or an usher, we regret to tell you you’ll be spending a little more than the average guest. 

Bridesmaids and ushers typically spend £659 on the big day, starting with £90 on the gift, £111 on the accommodation, £115 on travel, £104 on drinks, £140 on hen/stag dos, and £99 on pre wedding celebrations (think bridal showers / engagement parties).

On top of that £659 spent, bridesmaids also spend on average 43 hours helping the bride – with so much time and money invested in weddings, they sure are expensive business! 


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