Wedding planning stresses (and how to deal with them)

Prepare for the worst and calm your nerves with these stress-busting solutions

Leading up to the ceremony, you are likely experiencing a spectrum of emotion. Everything from excitement to disbelief to, last but not least, stress. And how could you not be feeling stress right now? Weddings come with variety of expectation and pressure. There are menus to plan, dresses to be hemmed and vows to be written, and normally this all comes with a timeline.


Here are a few ways to cope with any possible WHY-DON’T-THEY-REALISE-I’M-THE-BRIDE??!!! outbursts.


Bridesmaid drama

You’ve brought together a group of your closest girlfriends. You should all be having the time of your lives together, getting dressed, planning your hair and makeup and just hanging out. But it’s never quite that simple, especially when your bridesmaids may not necessarily be as close as you are to each of them. Try to speak to them individually as much as possible. Bonding activities are important, but just know that not everyone is going to love each other as much as you love them.


One of the biggest fears you are going to have is in-law drama. Sure your parents are required to love you (and you are pretty loveable) but what if they don’t like your fiance? Or, what if both sets of in-laws don’t like each other? Hopefully everyone can at least be respectful but the best way to ensure that is to be vocal. This is the person you are marrying and now you are all going to be family. And every family has drama, but your wedding is neither the time nor the place for it.

What about the dress

Finding the perfect dress can be fun, but it can also be terrifying. Not least because you are constantly thinking about it as the perfect dress. It is important to know that if you are in love with the dress, that makes it perfect. As for fears about something happening to it before the wedding? Protect that dress with your life and don’t let anyone handle it but you (if you haven’t seen the movie Bachelorette, it is time for you to watch it.)


Money is by far one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. Weddings are expensive and sometimes end up costing more than initially planned. The best way to go about it is to set a budget, a limit and a list of priority planning to go through and then stick with it! Things may not always go as planned but make sure you have some backups in mind in case you can’t afford the fairytale wedding you imagined. No matter what happens, in the end you will be married and in love and that is all that matters.


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