7 wedding lingerie questions answered

Choosing the right underwear for your special day is equally as important as choosing the right pair of shoes. Fashion stylist and writer Laura Puddy has complied the seven most-asked wedding lingerie questions to help you find the perfect option for you


Q.  I’m going dress shopping, what should I take with me?


A. Take a few lingerie options with you when you’re dress shopping so you get an idea of what works. This could include; a plunge bra, strapless bra, shapewear, high waisted briefs and so on. It’s always best to be prepared and the right underwear will help you get a better idea of what the dress will look like on your big day.

Q.  What type of underwear should I wear?

A. That really depends on the style of your dress. If you’ve got a full skirt, you can wear pretty much any underwear you like.  If your dress is a little more form fitting, however, you’ll need to find a seamless option that won’t leave you with a horrid VPL. Even though they’re not the most alluring, seamless nude thongs and briefs or shapewear pieces generally work best with anything slinky or figure hugging. It’s better to have a flawless finish than any VPLs or lumps and bumps showing. Plus, you can always change into your special bridal lingerie before the end of the evening.

Q.  When should I buy my wedding lingerie?

A. Once you have decided on your dress and know the requirements and practicalities, it’s time to go lingerie shopping!  Ideally, you need to have your underwear for your first fitting so aim to go shopping a few weeks before this date. And remember, the aim of your underwear is to enhance your look so you have to be practical and tailor it to the needs of your dress – even if that means going for something less sexy and more sensible.

Q.  Where shall I buy my wedding lingerie?

A. It really depends on what you need.  Department stores offer a huge selection of shapes, sizes and styles but if you need something very specific, I would recommend going to an independent boutique – they tend to offer a more personalised service and have an in-depth knowledge of brands and sizes and will ensure you find the perfect fit for your big day.

Q.  I’m conscious of my tummy area, what do I wear?

A.  There are lots of options to help disguise and draw attention away from the tummy area. Waist cinchers, basques, corsets and shapewear all work wonders!  And although the idea of shapewear often conjures up thoughts of horrible nude cycling shorts, don’t be put off, it has come a long way in recent times. Marks & Spencer, for example, have some pretty yet practical pieces and many brands now offer ‘hold you in’ slips that actually look streamlined rather than frumpy and will help to make everything look smooth and neat underneath your dress.

Q.  My dress is backless, what bra do I wear?

A. You could go braless with pasties and adhesive tape, if you feel brave enough (and don’t have a big bust). You could also ask to have cups sewn into your dress by the seamstress – this could eradicate the need for a bra if it feels comfortable. Other options include stick-on bras (again, not practical if you have a bigger bust), backless and multiway bras. It’s a case of trial and error to see what works with your dress and offers you enough support. 

Q.  What colour should my lingerie be?

A. Most wedding dresses tend to be white or cream (or a variation of these shades) so ideally nude, beige, cream and pastel tones work best.  However, your lingerie is a great way to include your something blue so if your dress is made of thick fabric or many layers, you can be more adventurous. If in doubt about your lingerie colour, stick to something that blends with your skin tone – a skin tone bra is always much better under white than a white bra as it won’t show through.

Always remember, you need to be practical and think about what lingerie works best with your dress.  It’s important to feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day and if you do have to compromise on your underwear – treat yourself to something slinky for the night!

Words: Laura Puddy

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