Strapless Wonderbra: A wedding wonder for brides

If you've found that strapless bridal gown of your dreams but can't decide what to do about your lingerie, this may just be the answer

The Ultimate Strapless Lace set from Wonderbra will keep you feeling perky all day.

Lingerie can often be a bit of a worry when it comes to picking out your perfect W-day look. 


The busty brides among us might think they have no choice but to strike strapless gowns off their list, for fear of letting it all hang out. And the more petite ladies may be concerned about whether they have enough padding to create an ample cleavage on their big day. 

But the last thing a newly-engaged little soul needs to fret about is her tighty whities…

Here to perk you all up a bit (excuse the pun), is this ivory strapless bra and thong set from Wonderbra.

A perfect match for your strapless bridal gown, the set offers great support and a sultry design to keep you feeling sexy throughout your special day. 

Priced at £36, the bra is available in sizes 32A to 38G, while the £11.50 thong comes in S, M or L.