Bride in Hotel room getting ready before wedding

13 things you should never say to the mother of the bride

"TWO daughters getting married in one year? Unlucky!"


1. So you’ll be paying for this, right?
Hmm, how to explain that back when parents paid for the whole wedding, things weren’t quite as expensive as they are now? There were no photobooths in our day!


2. I can’t BELIEVE you wore that on your wedding day
See point above! My wedding day was quite a while ago, and I assure you puffy sleeves were all the rage back then.

3. I’m not a baby anymore!
But you’ll always be my baby…

4. There’s no way you’re inviting Bob and Janet from next door!
Oh? We did think paying for half the wedding might just allow us to invite our oldest friends to enjoy the day with us, foolish of us really.


5. Mum you’re driving me crazy!
Ok, so perhaps saying the invite is a bit garish wasn’t the right thing to say, but she did ask for my opinion! She can be a bit touchy sometimes…

6. TWO daughters getting married in one year? Unlucky!
Yes, because it IS all about the financial aspect rather than the joy of seeing my babies getting married, isn’t it?

7. So, you’re a crazy mother in law now! Ha ha!
Yes, because ALL mothers in law are crazy aren’t they? Who doesn’t love a cliche?

8. You’ll be crying your eyes out all day!
Thank you for reminding me I will be an absolute wreck all day. My baby is getting married *sob*.


9. So slight issue with the cars you booked, they’re a bit lost…
Oh I’m going to be late to my own daughter’s wedding? No biggie.

10. Oh how funny, I’m wearing the exact same outfit as you. From Coast, right?
*Starts hyperventilating*

11. Ah, do you remember when we were young and in love too?
Thank you darling, for reminding me how old we are!

12. The party is starting now, so you older people can finally go to bed!
Oh we’re too old to enjoying a bit of dancing are we?


13. The party’s on until 3am, we can’t wait!
Oh goodie, I wasn’t looking forward to a good night’s sleep or anything.