Things your parents will say during wedding-planning

It's not easy pleasing everyone when it comes to planning a wedding. You will look to your parents for the ultimate approval on all your decisions but there may be occasions when they just don't agree and they won't be afraid to show it. Try to keep calm, this wedding is for you and your groom and sometimes the 'rents just need a bit of gentle persuading. To prepare you for those 'what-are-you-doing-to-me' moments, take a look at the top, slightly annoying, things your parents might say,


Winter? That’s not very practical. 


When shall ‘we’ send out the invites?

Oh, we’ll have to invite cousin Mark and his new girlfriend. Otherwise Uncle Tom will go mad, She’s very nice, don’t worry.

Tim and Jayne from next door would like to do the catering for you and we said yes.

Those bridesmaid dresses are a bit tight aren’t they?

Why did you get engaged if you’re not getting married for another year?

No children invited? Oh, that’s not going to go down well with the family.

A barn? That’ll be freezing. 

Marriage is all about compromise, dear. 


Have a fruitcake, love. That’s what a wedding cake is supposed to be.