Top five MOB fashion tips

It's your mother's day too, so make sure she looks her fabulous best with our top five fashion tips from personal stylist Sophie Hill


1. Your mum wants to look age appropriate, not dated. Steer her away from the more traditional twin-sets, as they can make women look older and shorter, and skin-baring numbers that fall into the over-sexy, cougar category.


2. For her shoes, the best shades are dark patents for a touch of winter glam, or nudes and pale metallics for summer chic. Avoid ankle straps as they cut off the leg. Go for a comfortable heel height (no sky-high stilettos please) and remember a pedicure makes all the difference for open-toes.

3. Choose accessories in complimentary colours and tones rather than matching – head to toe in one hue can looked dated. For bags, clutches always work well, and this where she can add a bit of fun and personality without killing the overall look. She can also tie it in with your colour scheme and bring in a bit of sparkle.

4. Jewellery needs to be balanced, so if she’s wearing a chunky necklace go for studded earrings. If she prefers larger, more ornate earrings go for a bare neck – this can be the most beautiful part of a woman’s body as she ages – something most women don’t realise.

5. Mothers of the bride often feel under pressure to wear a hat. If she’s reluctant to cover up, a great alternative is to wear a fascinator or a vintage hairpin. Both can add real wow factor to her outfit and can be worn comfortably all day.

Match your mum’s look to yours:

If you’re a classic princess bride with a full-skirted ball gown, your mum should… wear an elegant, knee-length cocktail dress, slim heels and a fabulous fascinator.

If you’re a city-chic fashionista with a designer gown, killer heels and statement accessories, your mum should… be in a designer frock too. Aim for modern, understated glam adding personality and upmarket designer quirks with the accessories.

If you’re a flower child with loose waves and a simple dress, your mum should… have a relaxed look too and avoid all things formal. Choose a dress in a vibrant colour, such as turquoise, and team it with muted metallics or vintage accessories to add the sparkle.

If you’re an Old Hollywood-inspired glamour girl with red lips and a Forties-style satin gown, your mum should… go for old school elegance with a slim fitting shift dress in a classic colour, accessorising with diamonds, pearls and delicate beading.


Sophie Hill is a personal stylist and director of threadsstyling.co.uk