You won’t believe these funny mother in law stories

You can always trust the good users of Reddit to share the funniest (and weirdest) things their mother-in-laws say.


“I went to the ballet the other night to see The Nutcracker with my MIL.
This conversation ensued:
MIL: Aren’t the ballerinas lovely?
ME: Yes they are.
MIL: Were you in ballet?
ME: No, unfortunately I was not.
MIL: Yes that sounds right.
I pause. Say nothing. ‘What does that mean?’ I’m thinking.
MIL: They take really good care of their bodies.”


Posted by perp27

“My MIL is extremely negative and can find fault with anything. When she stays with us it’s a nonstop litany of complaints.
My favorite example was when we went to the Holocaust Museum for an exhibit on Nazi propaganda art. When we came out, an employee of the museum asked us what we thought of the exhibit. My MIL told him “It wasn’t my cup of tea. Too depressing, and I think there was too much about Hitler.”

Posted by EusociallyAwkward

“My ex mother in law called me by her other son’s ex-wife’s name for the first three years I was married to her younger son.”

Posted by cherrycokecowgirl

“My MIL stole a stack of our wedding invitations to send to her friends that we weren’t inviting.”

Posted by hochizo

“My MIL did something very similar the first time I met her, when my husband and I were still dating. We came to visit her and were sitting in her dining room. We had been there about 5 minutes:
Husband: I can’t remember the last time I was here in August…
MIL: Oh I can! You brought Michelle here. How is Michelle? I miss her. She’s so… (looking right at me) …pretty. Do you keep in touch? Tell her I say hello and I miss her so.
Me: ………..”

Posted by missus_b

“At a Chinese food restaurant: MIL “why don’t you take home the leftovers, you’re good at eating leftovers.”
Luckily everyone at the table realised it was ridiculous and now I get the leftovers every time by reminding her that I’m good at eating them.”

Posted by NinjaGinny

“If you’re not changing your last name what’s the point of getting married?”

Posted by silly87

“Solar panels and windmills are bad for the environment. Solar panels steal energy from the sun and will make it burn out faster. Windmills slow down the wind and contribute to global warming.”

Posted by Lady_S_87

“You know, I was still breastfeeding (older SIL) AND (older BIL) when I was pregnant with (husband)! And he ended up nursing till he was four!” radio silence from everyone in the room.”

Posted by HoHoHo_Its_santa

“MIL (when I went to visit them for the first time after we got engaged. We had been living together for 4 years) – ‘you know men won’t buy the cow if they get the milk for free.'”

Posted by deleted

“MIL (to her son/my husband): Oh! You have a little stain on your shirt. You must have gotten grease on it while you were cooking.
Husband: Yep. You’re right. I’m sure it’ll come out.
MIL (to me): When you wash it, all you have to do is X, Y, then Z [note: I don’t remember her specific instructions].
Me: I don’t do his laundry for him, so…tell it to him!
MIL (to me): Oh. (accompanied by “the look”)
MIL (to him): Should I be getting you an apron for Christmas?”

Posted by hochizo

“It’s the morning after we arrived, I’m in the kitchen with his mum chatting while he’s asleep. We had JUST gotten engaged. He and I were both 26 at the time.
MIL: so what are the plans on starting to have kids?
Me: (dodging the question, as we had already decided to remain childfree) Oh well… no solid plans yet, we’re still planning the wedding, haha…
MIL: well you’re not getting any younger!”

Posted by dew prisms

“My MIL worships her grandson (my son, he’s 2) to the point where she has said things like ‘I’m sure it tastes like champagne’ with regards to his pee. I wish I was joking.”

Posted by CompanionCone

“While you were gone, I arranged the kitchen for you, It didn’t make sense where you had put things… “

Posted by cappucinocarrie

“Boyfriend’s mom, speaking to my boyfriend about me: ‘You know you’re basically dating your sister, right?'”

Posted by Truebluecat

“Last weekend, my fiancé and I were woken up by a phone call at 6:30 am from my mother in law. Most people would only phone at this hour on a sunday if there had been some sort of horrific accident or an emergency. Nope, my mother in law wanted to know if we wanted to go to a car boot sale.”


Posted by Hoslka