Choosing your wedding ring

Senior fashion assistant Jessica Moazami explains the process and offers her top tips...

Buying a wedding ring

Where to start?


Wedding rings come in many different  styles, metals, settings and of course, prices -  the choice is endless. The key is to choose a ring that reflects your individual style and taste.

Other important factors to consider when choosing a wedding ring are your budget and lifestyle. Jeweller Susan Astaire believes couples should buy  “the finest quality ring that you can afford as this will always stand the test of time better than anything else.”

At the end of the day you should go by your gut instinct. “If you love a ring straight away you will probably like it above all the others that you see,” says Astaire.  “Don’t worry about buying the first ring you see if you feel it is the right one.”


DO decide on a budget and stick to it

DON’T leave it till the last minute -give yourselves plenty of time to find something you really love

DO do your research – visit several reputable jewellers to see  the different styles and prices on offer

DON’T pick anything too fashionable as it will date easily -  stick with something timeless

DO think about designing your own rings. Try a bespoke jeweller like Form Bespoke Jewellers, or go to The Wedding Ring Workshop in London’s Hatton Garden and design and make your own!

DO consider your lifestyle -  rock climbers shouldn’t buy a ring they can’t take off easily!

DON’T get bullied into buying anything you don’t absolutely love, it has to be a beautiful reminder of your special day.

DO get wedding rings insured. One in four people loses their ring within five years of marriage.

Choosing a design

With new interpretations of a traditional design, wedding rings are becoming exciting and fresh, allowing couples to be more daring and bold in their choices.

Jewellery expert Vivienne Becker, explains, “rings are taking an adventurous turn towards style, colour and movement.” You no longer have to settle for the traditional plain gold wedding band.

For the more tradition couple the popular choice is still the matching his and hers rings.  If you are planning to have matching rings make sure you shop together.

Some couples will opt to have the same metal but the bride might choose to add diamonds to make her ring a little different.

Choosing diamonds

The diamond rule applied when buying your engagement ring still applies when you are buying your wedding ring.

The most important thing to remember if you’re going for a diamond wedding ring is the four Cs -  carat, colour, cut and clarity. These are key when selecting the best stone for your budget.

Other important factors include the shape of the stone, emerald, round, princess, oval, pear, radiant and marquie.

Choosing a metal

Selecting the metal  is a very important decision as it will affect the cost and the style of the ring you choose. The options available are platinum, white gold and yellow gold.

Platinum is more expensive but heavier and more durable than gold. If you love the look of platinum but can’t afford it then white gold is your best option.

Yellow gold, the more traditional metal, is making a big comeback. When buying gold you must remember it comes in different purities known as carats. The higher the carat the more gold it contains, but the softer the metal becomes.

Rings start with 9ct and go up to 24ct but gold experts say that 22ct and 24ct aren’t always the best for a wedding ring. Remember  your band also has to sit well with your engagement ring.

Don’t want an engagement ring?


For those of you that either can’t afford or don’t want an engagement ring and a wedding band, I love these new rings from Wave Jewellery 5.5mm Full eternity ring set with diamonds. Available in satin or polished finish.18ct White Gold.