Eternally Yours in Platinum

How to pick your groom's perfect wedding ring

Perfect Platinum for Him


We’re pretty sure our platinum engagement ring is the most stunning sparkler ever – and we’ve already got our hearts set on a timeless, enduring platinum wedding ring (especially since prices start at just £600). After all, once the cake is cut and the confetti swept away, it’s our wedding band that we’ll be wearing every day. But what about the ring our groom will wear forever? Here are our top tips for picking his perfect band…


Dennis & Lavery men’s platinum rings, from £2000, dennisandlavery.com


Ernest Jones


Top tip He knows nothing says ‘we’re a team’ like your club colours – show the world you’re on the same side with his ‘n’ hers wedding bands in platinum, and let him know he deserves 95% pure, so-rare style as much as you do.

We love the simplicity of his platinum wedding band and the subtle sparkle of yours – chic and understated, this is one style that’s timeless.

Ernest Jones platinum wedding rings: for her from £699, for him from £599, ernestjones.co.uk



Top tip If you’re spoilt for choice, go for matching rings that symbolise what you mean to each other – after all, they’ll remind you of your love for the rest of your lives.

The One If you’re both fluid and easygoing, these liquid-like twists are the rings for you – his plain because you’re all he needs in life, and yours diamond-set because he makes your whole world sparkle.

Prism platinum wedding ring for him from £2700 and diamond-set wedding band for her from £1600, p-d.co.uk

Brown & Newirth


Top tip A broader, heavier wedding band is instantly more masculine, and will look less delicate against his larger hands. It’s worth budgeting for it right from the start though – that extra weight will carry a bigger pricetag.

We love those engraved waves for nature-loving types – and to show though we know life’s tumultuous, we’ll stand by each other’s side.

Brown & Newirth platinum wedding band for him from £4085 and her Dias-set band from £2330, brownandnewirth.com

Charles Green


Top tip You know you and your groom are cast from the same mould – so why shouldn’t your wedding rings be too? Make his similar to yours to prove you’re the perfect pair – but leave room for some so-him touches, too!

The One If your groom’s all über-manly go for this chunky platinum ring – complete with extra metal for the diamonds – but keep it ladylike with princess-cuts for you on a slimmer, more feminine platinum band.

Charles Green five-stone wedding band for him, £2725, and full eternity ring for her, £5975, charles-green.com.

Furrer Jacot


Top tip If your groom’s not scared to get his hands dirty, he’ll need a ring he won’t have to take off: rugged, durable platinum doesn’t lose metal when it gets scratched – it’s just pushed around instead.

We love the quirky, industrial cool of these so-now platinum wedding rings – spot on if you happen to be a hands-on, modern couple.


Furrer Jacot platinum wedding rings, from £7980 each, wavejewellery.com