Beautiful coloured engagement rings

If you fancy an engagement ring with a bit of a difference, why not drop hints for a coloured engagement ring?

If you fancy an engagement ring with a bit of a difference, why not drop hints for a coloured stone engagement ring?


With coloured gemstones including deep green emeralds, sultry red garnets and elegant amethysts, there’s something to suit every bride, no matter what your favourite colour.

For the ultimate in coordination, opt to match the colour scheme of your wedding to the shade of your sparkler, otherwise, your birthstone is a great way to choose the stone for your coloured engagement ring.

The trend for coloured engagement rings is growing bigger and bigger, with even Princess Eugenie rocking a pink stone engagement ring, truly fit for royalty!

Blue engagement rings

If you fancy a blue stone engagement ring, sapphires are the obvious choice, but other options are Alexandrite, a bluey-purple gemstone, Aquamarine, an icey blue hued stone, Lapis Lazuli, a deep blue stone flecked with gold, Tanzanite, another blue / purple hybrid, and Topaz, a brilliant light blue stone.

Oval engagement ring

Red stone engagement rings

We all know about rubies and garnets, but tourmaline is a gorgeous stone for people dreaming of a red stone engagement ring, thanks to its deep hue.

Purple stone engagement rings

For something truly unique, purple stone engagement rings are a beautiful choice. Amethyst is a light purple stone, while Iolite is a brighter purple shade.

Green engagement rings

There’s something ever-so magical about green gemstones, with emerald engagement rings leading the green pack. For a more unusual stone, opt for prasiolite, a pale green quartz.

Yellow stone engagement rings

For a sunshiney yellow engagement ring, citrine is a lovely choice, and is a more affordable option than canary yellow diamonds.


Pink stone engagement rings

Channel your inner princess (both Eugenie and Disney) with a pink stone engagement ring. Eugenie’s pretty pink stone is padparadscha sapphire, and will set you back a few pounds. Another choice is morganite, which is especially lovely paired with diamonds. Rose quartz is a romantic stone for your engagement ring, which is good for brides on a budget. A lesser known pink stone is spinel, which is more common in antique and vintage jewellery.