How to drop hints about the perfect engagement ring

Think he’s about to propose and want him to get the ring right? Here are a few subtle tips that are sure to work.


1. Get your friends or family involved
You might want to ask a trusted friend or mum/sister to tell your boyfriend she’d love to help him pick a ring when he decides to propose.


2. Pin it
Create a Pinterest board and start pinning your favourite ring designs. It can’t hurt leaving the laptop open on that tab either. Wink wink.

3. Go window shopping
Who says you can’t be upfront about what you want? If you happen to go past a jewellery shop together, point out a few designs you like so he has an idea.


4. Go the dummy way
You could mention how romantic it is to propose wth a fake ring, and then pick a real ring together. You can go with the money-saving angle too, if he’s spending that much on a ring, you don’t want him to get it wrong.

5. Make off-hand comments
Watching a TV show together and one of the characters has a dreamy ring? Point out how gorgeous it is, “oh look at that rock!”. It works equally well in real life if you spot a girl’s ring on the tube or while out eating.


6. Talk to his mum
If you’ve got a good relationship with his mum, it’s worth discussing your ring tastes with her while he’s not about. Start off by mentioning how you like her ring, and asking her how she got proposed to. The rest will come easily. She will most definitely want to help him out and pass on the info.